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Key Findings About Our Grants

A Commitment to the San Francisco Bay Area

Since its founding in 1966, one of the Foundation’s core commitments has been to the Bay Area and the people who reside here. William and Flora Hewlett were committed to support a thriving and vibrant community here at home, and the Foundation carries on their spirit by making grants to ensure continued access to those things that improve the lives of Bay Area citizens, with a specific focus on providing access to the area’s most diverse and disadvantaged communities: public parks, quality schools, access to quality reproductive health care, and a diverse performing arts community. Explore Bay Area Grants

A Tradition of General Operating Support

The Foundation is committed to providing general operating support – essentially unrestricted funding – when an organization’s goals and strategies are closely aligned with those of the Foundation. It is our belief that this type of funding is the most effective grantmaking tool, giving these organizations the ability to carry out their missions in the best way they see fit. It also gives these organizations the flexibility to adapt and respond to a changing environment. The Foundation’s focus is on meeting our goals, and when those goals and strategies are shared by the organizations we fund, we can allow those organizations to take the lead in how they implement those strategies in order to reach our shared goals. Explore General Operating Support Grants

An Increasingly Global Focus

The Foundation tackles some of the most pressing social and environmental problems, and that increasingly means looking beyond the United States for solutions. Climate change and preserving our environment is a global issue that won’t be solved within borders. The internet has opened up new possibilities for online education, while some of the poorest students still lack access to the basics. Nuclear security is a shared concern throughout the world. And philanthropy is spreading to countries traditionally seen as charity recipients. We recognize that many of the most pressing issues require increasingly global solutions. These are just a few of the things the Foundation funds across the globe. Explore International Grants

A Continued Commitment to U.S. Issues

Since its founding, the Hewlett Foundation has focused on improving the lives and wellbeing of the citizens of the United States. We make grants ranging from improving education policy, conserving the American West, pushing for clean energy policies, ensuring access to quality reproductive health services, and supporting a vibrant performing arts community in the San Francisco Bay Area, to improving the field of philanthropy and the organizations that carry out this important work. Explore U.S. Grants

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